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Clear Conditions was founded in 2007.

We are a locally owned and operated Residential & Commercial cleaning company which provides services throughout Toronto and surrounding areas. From cleaning small bungalows, two or three story homes, to small rental apartments, large condominiums and commercial properties.

Our services range from Steam Cleaning, Encapsulation Cleaning (Dry Cleaning),Tile & Grout Cleaning, Hardwood Floor Cleaning, Vapour Cleaning & Deep Cleaning, Shower Restoration Cleaning & Silicone Re-Caulking.

Our close relationships with local residents, business owners, landlords, realtors and developers give us a leading edge and recognize us as a leader in the cleaning industry.

We are dedicated and committed to providing customers with a clean and stress free environment.

Please contact us for a free in person consultation.

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Our Guarantee

Our workmanship has a 100% service guarantee. We off all customers peace of mind, professionalism and superior service.

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We pride ourselves on providing our customers with all the right cleaning solutions by only using Eco Friendly products.

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