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Tile and Grout Cleaning

Maintaining your tile & grout can be a very difficult job for the average home owner or business owner. Here at Clear Conditions we not only clean your tile & grout but we protect it from discolouration.

Shower Restoration Cleaning

We specialize in restoring ,cleaning and repairing of Tile & Grout located in all bathtubs or standup showers. Our restoration service cleans old tile & grout, repairs grout, removes mold & mildew, soap scum and replaces old silicone caulking with new caulking.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Wax Removal, Screen & Re-Coat

Our hardwood floor cleaning service has become one of our most requested services we offer. With more home owners installing hardwood floors, laminate floors or parquet floors the demand for cleaning floors have become much greater.

Carpet Cleaning / Furniture Cleaning

The most popular package we offer is our Carpet Cleaning/Furniture Cleaning service. Whether you would like to use our Steam Cleaning method or our Encapsulation Cleaning method (Dry Cleaning process), both services extract soiled carpet and remove dirt and debris from the root of the carpet to the surface with high pressure.

Vapour Steam Cleaning & Deep Cleaning

The Vapour steam package is the most environmentally driven package we offer. Our chemical free cleaning kills 99.9% of bacteria with pure water.

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